When you decide to book a session at Ruchie Baum it’s a start of an enjoyable exhilarating journey.
Your photo shoot should be an easy relaxing experience with me doing all the work for you!
It starts by us discussing what kind of session you’d like and what your vision for your photo shoot is.
You can do a studio session, outdoor on location session, or even both combined if you can’t choose!
We then discuss your wardrobe and I’m there for you every step of the way to ensure we have a perfect ensemble put together.
At your session leave it all up to me as I’ll capture your families smiles and get their personality to show through in the most easy and relaxing way possible.
We’ll play, have a good time and take some photos!
Your session won’t be limited to a certain time frame as I don’t want you to have any stress involved during the duration of your photo shoot. If the kids need a break they’ll get one and we let them lead us with the flow of the session.
After your session we set up an appointment for you to come to the studio to view your beautiful photos and then we proceed to discuss the big variety of options you have to display your artwork. 
I have lots of samples so I can explain the different benefits of all the choices and we find the right fit for you and your budget.
Once you finalize your choices It takes approximately 3 weeks for the products to arrive and you can then have your photos and enjoy those memories for a lifetime.
Leave it all up to me!

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